Thursday, September 2, 2010

Salad Booster- A Superfood Delight

Living Intentions: Superfood Sygnergy Salad Booster, The Original, 3oz
Salad Booster, made by Living Intentions, is a superfood-packed "blend of sprouted seeds, sea veggies, algaes and savory spices," and is so delicious that even non-health minded people would love it.  Salad Booster contains Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, Organic Sprouted Sesame Seeds, Wild White Chia Seeds, Spirulina, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Chlorella, Organic Dulse, Organic Kelp, Organic Dill Weed, Organic Spices, Organic Lemon Peel and Organic Cayenne.

Sprinkle it on popcorn, veggies, main courses, soups, trail mix, wraps/sandwiches, or any other recipe that needs a little "boost."  It comes in Original and Vegan Cheesy, both equally yummy. 

Green Tidings is not affiliated with Living Intentions or Salad Booster- just a big fan!