Tuesday, December 14, 2010

15 Fun Ways to Re-use your Tea Bags

During the cold winter, nothing beats a warm cup of tea. But don't throw away those tea bags so fast- they have many wonderful uses! All you need is your old tea bag, and to either dry the leaves or steep them again.

1. Feed your roses! Roses love tannic acid, which is abundant in tea. Give your used tea leaves to your parched roses.

2. Reduce under eye bags.

3. Reduce razor burn.

4. Relieving pain from an injection- yours or baby's. Just place a wet tea bag over the injection site, and let the tannic acid soothe away the pain.

5. Dry poison ivy rash.

6. Clean wood furniture and floors.

7. Clean other areas. Tea can remove grease and grime on floors and linoleum.

8. Shine your mirrors.

9. Keep dust from rising from the ashes when you clean out your fireplace. Before cleaning, sprinkle wet tea leaves over the ashes, and voila! The ashes won't spread all over when taking them out.

10. Get rid of warts, thanks to tannic acid.

11. Make carpets smell nice again. Sprinkle some dried tea on your carpets (dried only- you don't want to dye your carpet). After 15 minutes, vacuum the leaves and you will be left with fresh-smelling carpets.

12. Relieve diarrhea, the army way. Open the tea bag, and put the used leaves in your mouth. Wash down with water.

13. Potpourri.

14. Dish detergent. Put the teabag in your messy pan or dish, add water, and let sit overnight. Again, that tannic acid breaks down the grease.

15. Feed house plants. Ferns and other houseplants love an occasional drink of brewed tea.



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