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Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course

The word “hypnosis” literally means “the coming of sleep,” derived from the Greek words hypnos, meaning “sleep” and osis, meaning “condition.”  Indeed, hypnosis occurs in the theta state, brain wave pattern in which dreaming (REM) sleep, increased creativity, potential change of behavior, increased retention of learned material, and access to the unconscious mind occur (Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course Workbook).
Dr. Steve Gurgevich’s definition of “hypnosis” is as follows:  “Hypnosis is a system or collection of methods that enable mind and body to share information more effectively.  One of those methods is called trance.  It is a process of creating an inner-self experience of focused consciousness that enables your mind and body to accept and share your intentions, beliefs, and expectations as true.  The focused intention of your consciousness magnifies your power of belief (and the capacity of your belief) to cause your subconscious mind to accept and act upon it.”  (Workbook, p.9)  Likewise, Dr. Gurgevich explains in his Workbook that there are many misconceptions about hypnosis, including losing consciousness, surrendering your will, revealing secrets, being weak-minded and gullible, and the inability to come out of trance- all of which are false.
All hypnosis is “self-hypnosis,” and whether one is “relying on a therapist, a CD/Tape/DVD, or yourself, you are in control of letting yourself go into trance by hypnosis,” Dr. Gurgevich explains (Workbook, p.16).
Who is Dr. Stephen Gurgevich?
Dr. Stephen Gurgevich, Ph.D.,  is a clinical professor of medicine, and the director of the Mind-Body Clinic at Dr. Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.  He also maintains a private practice with his wife, and has authored many books on hypnosis, as well as many self-hypnosis tracks.
Dr. Gurgevich created the Self-Hypnosis Home StudyCourse to teach people how to use hypnosis for mind-body healing by harnessing the power of the conscious (thinking) mind and the subconscious mind (mind of your body).
The Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course
The Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course contains a 107 page workbook, 6 course work CDs, a Pendulum, and 10 CDs of trancework (self-hypnosis) called the “Hypnotic Apothecary.”  Dr. Gurgevich is careful to explain what hypnosis is, how to develop your talent for self-hypnosis, trance techniques, how to use a Pendulum, how to create your personal hypnosis strategy, and what to expect from a therapist. 
Course Work CDs
The Course Work CDs include:  What is Hypnosis, Testing Your Hypnotizability, The Hypnotic Time Machine, Understanding Hypnotic Phenomena, Hypnotic Induction Methods, and Tips for Your Self-Hypnosis Practice.  These CD’s can be listened to anywhere, as they are not trancework.
The Hypnotic Apothecary
The Hypnotic Apothecary is comprised of 10 trancework CDs, aimed at healing most health conditions.  This is a definitive self-hypnosis library!
The following descriptions are all borrowed from LightworksAudio & Video, and are not my own words:
Disc One Trancework 1: Mind-Body Healing
This audio sets the stage for accessing the mind-body connection to use your self-hypnosis for healing. It provides the foundation of subconscious learning that allows your thoughts, images and intentions to be the message your body responds to for healing, comfort, and performance.
Disc One Trancework 2: Relaxation
Relaxation guides you into a comforting trance and leads you through a progressive relaxation, which releases the effects of tension and stress. Hypnotic suggestions are offered to your subconscious mind to train and condition your body and mind to relax. With repetition and practice you will discover how well your body and mind memorize the relaxation response.
Disc Two Trancework 1: Stress Relief
Stress Relief unwinds the unpleasant physical signs of every day stress, such as muscle tension, indigestion, restlessness, and hyper-irritability. Hypnotic suggestions will cause your subconscious mind to replace stress patterns with relaxation patterns. This will allow you, in any circumstance, a choice of how you want to respond, mentally and physically. Your mind-body memorizes the relaxation response through your rehearsal with this CD, making that comforting response available to you whenever you need it.
Disc Two Trancework 2: Anxiety & Panic
This CD is the hypnotic antidote to anxiety and panic. It is physically impossible to be relaxed and anxious at the same time. This trancework provides hypnotic suggestions to restore and enhance your mind-body skills for mental and physical relaxation that replaces anxiety patterns. Anxiety states are learned experiences. And anything that can be learned can be un-learned through re-learning. This audio un-learns anxiety and re-learns relaxation and comfort.
Disc Three Trancework 1: Pain Relief
Pain Relief is a soothing hypnotic trancework which utilizes mind-body methods to soften the experience of pain. Several types of hypnotic pain relieving methods are interwoven into a mind-body learning experience, which reinforce your ability to detach or modify the perception of pain. Whether it is acute pain or chronic pain, accessing the mind-body connection for greater comfort is possible with this trancework.
Disc Three Trancework 2: Restful Sleep
Restful Sleep offers hypnotic suggestions to restore healthy sleep patterns. A gentle hypnotic induction with progressive relaxation creates a dreamy state of mind in trance. A hypnotic trance is a "waking state" phenomenon, but it involves shifting one's conscious awareness toward the hypnogogic state that you naturally pass through when going to sleep and awakening. Hypnotic suggestions are offered to your subconscious mind for natural transitioning into a sleep state, changing your beliefs about your ability to sleep, and allowing yourself to consciously get out of the way, as your mind-body memorizes a healthier sleep pattern.
Disc Four Trancework 1: Weight Loss
Dr. G guides you into a relaxing state of hypnosis, where you allow the positive hypnotic messages for your weight loss to do the 'inner-work' for you success. You are restfully awake as you 'nourish' your subconscious mind with an abundance of powerful hypnotic messages to help you promote healthy eating patterns and restore your healthy weight.
Disc Four Trancework 2: Love to Exercise
Love to Exercise is an energetic flow of suggestions to induce a feeling of joyful anticipation, enjoyment, fulfillment, and a greater mood of well-being regarding your regular practice of physical activity. This trancework is designed specifically to encourage and enable you to develop and maintain a healthy physical lifestyle.
Disc Five Trancework 1: Digestion
Digestion is designed to help naturally relieve symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract. The Lancet medical journal published a study (July, 1992) where researchers found that hypnosis "strikingly" reduced colonic motility and decreased diarrhea and cramping. Close to fifty published studies indicate that hypnosis can be a powerful aid in controlling nausea and vomiting including those symptoms related to chemotherapy, post-surgery, and pregnancy. Digestion provides hypnotic induction into a trance state to facilitate mind-body communication for relaxing the motility of the intestines, retraining the intestines to function more comfortably, relieving pain, and enhancing the ability to more comfortably digest a wider variety of foods.
Disc Five Trancework 2: Skin
Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Hypnosis has been used since ancient times to successfully treat a myriad of skin conditions. Whether a serious burn or an unconscious emotional conflict, hypnosis is a wonderful mind-body balm. The language of our subconscious mind can reflect something or someone who, metaphorically speaking, is "rubbing you the wrong way," or is "getting under your skin." At times, skin will "erupt" when you do not have that emotional luxury to do so for yourself. Skin offers hypnotic suggestions to create the mind-body connection for healthy, vibrant skin. Emotional factors have been shown to have a strong correlation with onset of [dermatitis and eczema] and also with flare-ups. Furthermore, [ ] case studies have revealed that hypnosis can offer a successful treatment for sufferers.[ Stress and psoriasis. Kantor SD Psoriasis Research Institute, Palo Alto, California 94301. Cutis (UNITED STATES) Oct 1990, 46 (4) p321-2]
Disc Five Trancework 3: Warts
Hypnosis works better than any other technique for removing warts quickly and effectively; and it is painless and requires no toxic chemicals or drugs. Dr. Lewis Thomas, MD, in his book, The Medusa and the Snail, wrote eloquently on the effectiveness of hypnosis in removing warts (the human papilloma virus). There are several published, controlled studies of the use of hypnosis to cure warts that have shown cure rates as high as 80%. Prepubertal children respond to hypnotic suggestions almost without exception. (Hypnotherapy for warts (verruca vulgaris): 41 consecutive cases with 33 cures. Ewin DM Tulane Medical School, New Orleans, LA. Am J Clin Hypn (UNITED STATES) Jul 1992, 35(1) p1-10). We don't know how it works, but it does. Because warts are viral in origin, it is interesting how hypnosis can have such a powerfully beneficial effect on the immune system to eradicate warts. Warts provides you with suggestions for wart removal and imagery. Use this audio for only three consecutive days, twice daily... no more than that. In the case of warts and hypnosis, more is not better.
Disc Six Trancework 1: Test-Taking
Test-Taking trancework reduces anxiety regarding tests and examinations. There are several types of test anxiety, such as fear of tests, freezing and forgetting material that you know you know but cannot recall during a test, confidence problems, and mental blocks that sabotage testing performance. The relaxation of the hypnotic trance itself lowers anxiety and allows your mind-body connection to relearn a positive, confident and comfortable response to taking tests. This CD should be used frequently as well as at bedtime. It can be used successfully to treat test-taking anxiety at the high school, college, graduate, and professional board examination levels.
Disc Six Trancework 2: Public Speaking
Public Speaking promotes confidence and comfort in persons who lecture, perform public talks, are defending dissertations/theses, or find themselves in any situation in the public eye. Published research cites the success of hypnosis in significantly reducing fear of public speaking, and maintaining that improvement. Stanton HE Overcoming fear of public speaking with the diagnostic trance Australian Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis 1991 May; 19(1): 41-7.
Disc Seven Trancework 1: Depression: Mood Enhancement
Depression: Mood Enhancement soothingly speaks suggestions and ideas to your subconscious. Thoughts are things. You cannot see them, but you know they are real because you have them. Thoughts and emotions create brain chemistries called peptides. Our bodies become addicted to these molecules of emotion that it receives on a regular basis like the depressing chemicals and imbalances caused by depression. But, by changing our thoughts, we can change our brain chemistry to pour out euphoric chemistries, change habits, and develop self-loving ideas and lifestyles. Medical hypnosis is an effective way to access the mind-body connection and communicate these ideas to the subconscious mind, so it can manifest them in your life.
Disc Seven Trancework 2: Strengthening Your Immune System
Strengthening Your Immune System gently guides you into a relaxed state of trance enabling mind and body to accept hypnotic suggestions to boost and strengthen the immune system and to combat immune depleting conditions. Hypnotic suggestions communicate strength and power to your immune system and empower your body's system of protection and defense from uninvited guests, while maintaining a peaceful balance among the cells that belong within you. Research provides encouraging evidence that hypnosis can reduce detrimental immune function changes associated with acute stress. Kiecolt-Glaser JK et al. Hypnosis as a modulator of cellular immune dysregulation during acute stress. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 69 (4): 674-82. Aug 2001.
Disc Eight Trancework 1: Headache
"Headache" addresses migraine, cluster, muscle contraction, and tension headaches with images and hypnotic suggestions to relax and relieve the many mechanisms that trigger and maintain a headache. After entering a comfortable trance state, hypnotic suggestions are given to relieve symptoms of pain, relax and retrain muscles, release endorphins, improve sleep, quiet nerves, adjust blood vessels, and ease tension. A study was conducted on 42 patients suffering from chronic headaches (Gutfeld, G. and Rao, L., 1992). The patients, who had responded poorly to conventional treatments, were divided into two groups: one received hypnotic suggestions to relieve their headaches and the other group acted as a comparison group. The group which received hypnosis experienced reduced frequency and duration of headaches, cutting the intensity by about 30%. "These results are impressive in such a difficult, hard-to-treat group of patients," commented Egilius Spierings, M.D., Ph.D. director of the headache section, division of neurology at Brigham and Women's Hospital.
Disc Eight Trancework 2: Backache
Backache is intended for the individual with back pain resulting from injury or surgery or tension that accumulates in the back as a result of stress. Hypnotic suggestions promote relaxation, a deeper healing sleep, and enhance the positive effects of all therapies used, including exercise, nutrition, and any medications. This audio is specific to those who want to minimize the stress that may be causing tension in back muscles and nerves. It is also specific to images and ideas of healing from the cervical to lumbar spine.
Disc Nine Trancework 1: Unlocking Creativity
Unlocking Creativity is a flow of hypnotic suggestions which encourages your left-brained creativity to be released and expressed. Whether you are an artist, musician, chef, teacher or student, we all have creativity within us, ready to be unleashed.
Disc Nine Trancework 2: Improving Performance and Confidence
Improving Performance and Confidence offers hypnotic suggestions to relieve performance anxiety, and to enhance positive mental rehearsal for comfort during performance. This trancework is for everybody who wants to train their bodies and nervous systems to remain comfortably relaxed and at ease during performance, whether it is musical, athletic, scholarly, etc. It is a great confidence builder. This audio was, in part, a result of my collaboration and friendship with the legendary guitarist, Howard Roberts
Disc Ten Trancework 1: Phobias
During this hypnotic trancework, your subconscious mind receives hypnotic suggestions to erase past patterns and associations to anxiety, and to reinforce confidence, comfort, security, and your ability to use hypnosis to overcome fears, phobic anxiety, and insecurities. Relaxation is reinforced with deepening methods and post-hypnotic suggestions to enhance your ability to remember the inner calm and peace you achieve in the trance state. When you are ready, the relaxation is produced and maintained as you gradually and progressively confront a hierarchy of the anxiety-provoking stimuli. Now you proceed at a comfortable pace, progressively unlearning the anxiety associated to those stimuli, as body and mind learn to experience the relaxation instead.
Disc Ten Trancework 2: Healing the Past
Healing the Past performs a deeper healing of wounds that may have occurred out of stresses experienced minutes ago to years ago. Our life experiences are a collection of emotional reactions (good and not-so-good) that influence patterns of behavior and body conditioning. Every experience we collect on this road of life has an emotional and physical impact upon our mind and body. We might develop headaches, upper or lower GI symptoms, asthma, skin reactions, anxiety, etc. because of situations and circumstances that were or are beyond our control. As we handle those stressful or emotional events, we do our best to put those stresses "out of mind" but that doesn't necessarily put them "out of body." In fact, our body will remember its response to those stresses (and other stresses) until we un-learn the response by re-learning something healthier and more comfortable. Healing the Past guides you into a refreshing relaxation response wherein the re-learning of the healthy responses occur.
Purchasing the Home Study Course
The Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course is available many places on the internet, but seems to be the most affordable ($106.28 vs. $199.99).  Purchase it HERE.


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