Friday, September 21, 2012

3 Easy Gluten-Free Vegan Meal Recipes

I was asked by several friends for some gluten-free vegan recipes. 
Here are 3 meals that I make quite often at home. They are really basic, and easy to make (and my 3 year old loves them, too).   I don’t measure, so it’s all by eye and taste. I usually sauté in Avocado Oil, as it has a very high smoke point.  You can click on links to find where to purchase these items (in the Green Tidings Amazon Store).

1.  Lentils and veggies/greens over brown rice

-Steam/sauté greens (I use a large amount- equivalent to a trader Joe’s bag of organic kale). Set aside.
-Steam/sauté veggies (any kind works- zucchini, broccoli, carrots, onions). Set aside.
-Sautee garlic (as much as you like- I like a lot). Set aside.
-Cook sprouted lentils, with oregano, thyme, and Himalayan sea salt to season.
-Drain lentils and mix with greens, veggies and garlic. Add more herbs and salt as necessary to taste.
-Serve over steamed sprouted brown rice.
-Garnish with Red Star Nutritional Yeast, and liquid aminos (soy or coconut) and/or dulse granules.

 2.  Portabella Lettuce Cups

 -Cut portabella mushrooms into small pieces (2 large mushrooms will be good for about 4 lettuce cups). Sautee. Set aside.
-Sautee veggies (white onions, bell peppers, broccoli, green beans, etc.). Set aside.
-Sautee garlic. Set aside.
-Add mushrooms, garlic, and veggies together. Season with Himalayan sea salt, oregano and thyme (or any other herbs- sage would be good, but not for nursing mamas).
-Cut iceberg lettuce in half. Remove “cups.” You may need to use two “cups” for one serving, depending on how strong the lettuce is.
-Add steamed sprouted brown rice in cups.
-Top with veggie and mushroom mixture.
-Garnish with shredded carrots and/or bean sprouts, Red Star Nutritional Yeast, and liquid aminos (coconut or soy).

3.  Taco Salad

 -Stir fry white or red onions, bell peppers (all colors). Set aside.
-Set aside cooked refried pinto beans or black beans.
-Chop iceberg lettuce into small pieces. Put in large serving bowls/plates.
-Top the lettuce first with the hot beans, then the hot peppers and onions.
-Add chopped tomatoes on top. Add a side of guacamole (or freshly cut avocado) and salsa (mango salsa is really good) on the plate. If you want to add vegan cheese shreds, those are good, too. But great without. :)smile
-Serve with organic blue corn chips.
(You can omit the salad part, and make tacos with these ingredients- use any kind of tortilla you like)


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