Friday, August 23, 2013

Green Tidings' Second Book is Here!

Green Tidings' Infographics: A Visual Collection of Natural Remedies, Health & Wellness, Healing Foods, and Environmental Issues
Table of Contents
1. The Doctor of the Future
2. 30 Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar
3. Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera
4. Natural Remedies for Anxiety, Stress & Insomnia
5. Health Benefits of Bananas
6. Natural Remedies for Colds & Flu
7. A Comparative Look at Carnivores, Omnivores, Herbivores, and Humans
8. Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart
9. Health Dangers of Dairy
10. Health Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil
11. The Amazing Health Functions of the Foreskin
12. Natural Remedy Reference Guide: Cold/Flu, Heartburn/GERD, Anxiety/Stress, Digestive Issues/Ulcers, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Seasonal Allergies
13. Natural Remedy Reference Guide II: Autoimmune Diseases, Asthma, Diabetes (Types I & II), Inflammation, Migraine
14. Natural Remedy Reference Guide III: Skin Edition- Acne, Age/Sun Spots, Eczema/Psoriasis, Wrinkles, Dry Skin
15. Natural Remedy Reference Guide IV: Cancer
16. Stress & The Body
17. Vitamin & Mineral Absorption Chart
18. Health Benefits of Vitamin D
19. Amazing Health Benefits & Facts about Chia Seeds
20. What’s in Your Deodorant?
21. Essential Oil Remedies
22. Get Rid of Fleas (Naturally)
23. GMO Bans, Restrictions and Labeling Factsheet
24. The Health Dangers of Chewing Gum
25. Natural Remedy Reference Guide Presents… Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep
26. Benefits of Kukui Nut Oil
27. Natural Remedies for Cold Sores
28. The High Price of Palm Oil
29. Health Benefits of Saffron
30. Top 4 Superfoods to Add to Your Juice/Smoothie
31. Raw, Dairy-Free Avocado Cacao Pudding
32. Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats… Naturally!
33. Feed Your Body a Rainbow
34. Nature’s Antibiotics & Antivirals
35. How to Make Your Own Hemp Milk