Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Labor Day Giveaway!

5 Lucky people will win a FREE 
2 ounces Unscented 
All Natural Deodorant!

To enter, simply leave 
a COMMENT to THIS blog post,
telling us what your 
favorite healthy foods for Labor Day are!
*Entries must be made by September 2nd, 2013 at 3:00PM PST
Winner will be chosen via a random number generator.

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GiGi Rivera said...

I make an awesome almond citrus green salad that we take to our huge family picnic. Have a great and safe Labor Day everyone! ~ GiGi Rivera

Rachel Namm said...

Sweet Potato Fries!

Anonymous said...

My favorite holida y food for labor day is grilled fresh veggies. yum

Sandy Yanke said...

I love grilling fruits for desserts.......watermelon, peaches and pineapple are my favorites.

ann brysn said...

Ann bryan


I love avcados mixed with garlic and O.oil great and lime

Kateri_C93 said...

i love eating star fruit, drinking fresh coconut water, having some avocado with just a little honey or syrup, and mmmm sweet potato~~~ Soursop and mango too! freshly picked from the tree outside my house ^__^ i'll be eating all of those this weekend<3

Heather Dolstra said...

Glad to attribute this drink recipe to Canyon Ranch; we will be mixing this up for the holiday: (per drink) 1 cup watermelon cubes(liquefied in blender), 1/4 cup sparkling pear/peach/ or apple juice, juice of a slice of lime (leave lime in the shaker), several sprigs of cilantro. Shake in shaker with ice, strain and serve. They call it a H2tini and it's GOOD.

Kristen Francisco said...

@Heather Dolstra that sounds delicious. I'll have to try that.

I'll be serving a farmer's market veggie salad which includes a mix of any fresh veggies sliced thinly, garbanzo beans, dates, and fresh herbs tossed with lemon juice, olive oil, arugula, salt, pepper and sprinkled with walnuts and feta (optional of course). The best part is you can prepare it the day before; just add the nuts and cheese right before you serve. The flavor gets better overnight.

Erika P. said...

Broccoli salad is my favorite

Josh Morrison said...

grilled salmon!

Anonymous said...

Organic watermelon and okra from my garden. Homemade potato salad. Fresh fruit platter. I'm hungry already!
Stephanie Wallace

Pat said...

Love the Green Tidings Website and Facebook Links. Thank you for keeping us posted on what is happening and keeping us on the "green" track.

BlessieNelson said...

I make a wonderful watermelon feta salad that is so refreshing and so yummy!

Manda said...

I have to work, but I will get to use the day later so not too bad.

TZel said...

A great cabbage, kale and lettuce salad with green onions, pumpkin seeds, cheese crumbles and a cilantro dressing. Yum!