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My name is Jenny, and I am first and foremost a Mommy to 2 young children.  Although I was an English Literature major (and Religious Studies minor) in college, and went off to law school (where I was the valedictorian), and post-law school (LLM in Taxation), I have always been very interested in the environment and natural healing.  It all started with my grandmother, who had all sorts of vitamins and supplements in her house, and would tell me about the nutritional and healing properties of foods.  Concerned about our environment and my health, I became a vegetarian when I was 16, and never looked back.   I have been 90% vegan for the last 4 years (we don't have animal products in our home).  My two kids have been vegan all their lives.
When I was 19 years old, my life changed forever.  My sister, my best friend, who was 28 and had just graduated from medical school and finished her residency, passed away from skin cancer.  Watching her go through rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, interferon therapy, take countless medications, and eventually waste away, with little help from Western medicine, something changed in me.  I began to distrust the medical establishment I had previously seen as “all-knowing” and “perfect.”  Western medicine wasn’t perfect, I realized.  In fact, it can do a lot more harm than good.  I spent countless hours reading hundreds of medical, nutrition, and natural health books (and, later, on the Internet).   I saturated myself with natural health knowledge.

About 5 years ago, I got terribly sick.  I had every pain and complaint imaginable, and went to numerous doctors- rheumatologist, neurologist, ENT, etc.  One doctor said that I probably had lupus, and to go on medication to see if my symptoms would go away (with blindness being one of the side effects).  One doctor thought I had MS, but an MRI ruled it out.  They diagnosed me with possible fibromyalgia, but aside from that, no person could figure out what was wrong with me.  Finally, I saw a holistic doctor who checked my hormone levels.  Come to find out I was deficient in Vitamin D (despite living in sunny California)!  About a week after taking Vitamin D supplements, all of my symptoms went away. 

I've since devoted my time to actively preventing illness in myself and my family as much as possible.  I even chose to have a natural home water birth with both of my children in order to avoid all of the unnecessary complications that can occur in a hospital.  I am currently a natural health educator.

While I am not against Western medicine totally (it certainly has its benefits), I do believe that we don’t spend enough time trying to prevent disease or to find the cause of disease and cure it naturally.  Food is incredibly healing, and nature has made our bodies wise and perfect. When allowed to run efficiently, smoothly, and healthily, we can minimize the need for destructive medications, surgeries, and interventions.

NOTE:  I am not a doctor, or a medical professional.  This site is designed as educational only.  The information contained herein is not designed to replace your doctor’s advice.  Please ask your health practitioner before taking any vitamins, supplements, or herbs, as they may have side-effects, especially when combined with medications, alcohol, or other vitamins or supplements.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny
Thank you for taking the time to help other humans with valuable and true information on your website.You are a wonderful person and may you be blessed with all the love and energy in the whole world. Ruwan (London). x

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny, I just discovered your website. It's very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to share this wonderful information. God bless you. Myrna (Houston, TX)

Anonymous said...

How do you become a natural health consultant? I've been interested in learning about natural health but not sure where to begin.


Donna Mills said...

What you are doing is Hallmark! I love your passion. Thank you for living a more natural, less synthetic life, so we can all live ours!
@ Amy, I am a natural health and beauty consultant for Neal's Yard Remedies American Channel - NYR Organic. This company is also a hallmark. You should check it out and join with me in spreading their message in America, where it is so desperately needed. Their UK site is www.nealsyardremedies. You can become a Health, beauty and wellbeing Consultant right online, on my American webstore at :
Our parent company is A.W.E.S.O.M.E ! Best in Health, Beauty and Wellbeing all! Donna (UK Bird ) Let's make the world a better place! !

Donna Mills said...

Dear Jenny,
Sorry for the consecutive comments, but I was reading more "About Me" (you) and I wonder if you are a HOLISTIC MOM? If not, please look into joining this marvelous network of 'holistic' moms:
I attended one of their annual conferences and walked away with such enthusiasm and so much information. Keeping the spirits high! I hope you post my comments. Thank you.
Donna Mills
Health, Beauty & Wellness Consultant and Sponsor

Lorrie said...

Jenny ~ I appreciate your site here. Wondering if it's okay to re-post on my blog if I link back to you??

Lorrie said...

Jenny ~ Sorry, previous request linked you to an old blog of mine. My question is... is it okay to repost to my blog if I link back to you??

Sajo said...

Dear Jenny,
My name is Sajo George,an organic farmer from Kerala,India.I do follow naturopathy in my daily life.I have been reading your site for a long..I would like to discuss you further.

Thanks and Regards
Sajo George

Parsifalangel said...

Hi, do you ship to the UK and if so how much do you charge? I saw your fridge magnet tghingy on Facebook and would love one ...

Green Tidings said...

I do ship internationally! Please email me at greentidings @ yahoo . com for shipping fees.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest looking into Bastyr University. Good luck!

Patricia Knudsen said...

how did you set up your amazon store with special products?

I have and no income from it.

disease reversals from vegan diet.

please let me know.

also, backkup for your dairy picture about all the diseases from cow milk. thanks, Trish